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Welcome to Timeshare Mystery Bag 2023

Below are the mystery bags curated by Amy Shotwell.
We have limited quantities of each bag and will be adding
new bags every Wednesday morning @ 9am for the month of February.

Scroll down for more information on this fun mystery

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Welcome to the Timeshare Brown Bag Mystery Quilt

As this is our first year with the Mystery Quilt program with Karen Montgomery, we are very excited to join this program and bring you some unique Amy Shotwell curated mystery quilt bags. It will be so fun to join all of the shops and all the quilters across the country.

Our bags will be selling for $99 each.

How the program works:
  1. Fabrics will make a finished 52" x 68" quilt, not including borders.Border fabrics are not included but we will have suggested borders for each bag. You will need approximately 3 yards of border.
    1. Buy two bags of the same fabrics to make a finished size of 84" x 84"
  2. All the information for the program will be included in the bag
  3. After purchasing a bag we will collect your information so that we can get you registered on the private Facebook group for this event.On March 1st watch for a video on the Facebook page about a project related to the Mystery Quilt
    1. Karen Montgomery will do a daily quilting tip for 28 days on the Facebook group starting February 1.
    2. This will be a fun group to join and watch. We have heard that it is a great community event
  4. Watch the Facebook Page on March 1st for an extra project!
  5. Starting March 18th the clues will be "snail mailed" to all participants, and then every two weeks for another 4 clues.
    1. You will be able to pick up the clues at the shop on the day after they are supposed to be mailed if you would like