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Longarm Quilting:

*We are currently not accepting any new long arm work until the Fall of 2021. If you would like to get on the waiting list, please email . My lead times are about 8-12 weeks from drop off.

I offer longarm quilting services that range from an edge to edge to full custom. My pricing is by the square inch: $ .015 to $.030. This is based on the time and complexity of the design you want on your quilt.

  • Edge to edge quilting is the best value at the $.015 per square inch. That means the quilting is a single pattern from edge to edge.
  • Semi-custom is $ .020 per square inch. This pricing has a bit of customization, maybe a single pattern in the center of your quilt and something different in the borders.
  • Full Custom is $ .030 per square inch. This is detailed quilting, custom borders and details in blocks. 

When you bring in your quilt we will have a consultation. We will discuss what is being quilted, batting choice, thread colors and time line. Backing must be 3" larger on all sides than your quilt top. Quilts must be ironed before they are dropped off, I will iron them before they go on but, if the quilt is excessively wrinkled I will charge an extra $ 10.00 to iron.

The only backing I cannot accept is any sort to sheeting material. It is too dense and will not give you the result you'd like.

I stock batting on the roll, Hobbs 80/20, Hobbs Wool, Hobbs Heirloom Cotton. If you would like to use your own batting please contact me.

Here is an example of how I price a quilt that is 54" W x 72" H, edge to edge, hobbs 80/20, cotton thread and customer backing.
  • 54" x 72" = 3,888 square inches 
  • 3,888 x .015 =                       $ 58.32
  • 1.75 yards batting x $ 8.50 = $ 14.88
  • thread  approx.                   = $   4.80
  • Michigan Tax                         $   1.18
  • Grand total estimate              $ 79.18